Our wines are healthy

Unfortunately, there are currently no charters covering this type of work. Therefore, and because not all the people who drink our wines can come and see the work that we do, we decided to ask a specialist laboratory (Excell in Mérignac) to analyse a bottle (not a sample) of our biggest wine in volume terms (Classic Red) which is a blend of wines made from 12 of the 13 hectares of our vineyards. This shows that our wines do not contain any pesticide residues linked to our work. We have put a copy of the analysis certificate on our website on the “News” page. We realise that this concerns only one of the factors mentioned above, but it’s the one that is of most concern to consumers. For information, this type of analysis is not required by any of the charters that currently exist.

*: For more details, see the “Vineyards” page, “Training and Growing section.