Maturing the Wines

La Madura Grand Vin Red:

The richest reds are barrel-matured for 12 months.
The lees are kept at the end of malolactic fermentation in the barrels to make the wines even fuller and smoother.
Small amounts of oxygen are regularly added by micro-bubbling to aerate the wine. This is adjusted according to the tasting results for each batch.

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La Madura Classic Red:

These reds are mostly matured in the tank on fine lees and regularly aerated. The process is again guided by tasting. This method of maturing preserves the aromas of certain wines, such as those made with Grenache, and also helps in the search for smooth tannins.

La Madura Grand Vin White:

After fermentation in the barrel, part of the white wine is kept on its lees. The barrels are stirred throughout the 10-month maturing period. This gives them elegance, richness, a long finish and, above all, increased potential for laying down.

La Madura Classic White:

The rest of the white wine is matured in the tank. After fermentation, the lees are retained and regularly kept in suspension to increase the wine's volume. This helps to obtain rich wines that are more aromatic in their early days than barrel-matured wines.

Following this maturing process, the estate's wines have good stability and are clear enough to bypass the fining and filtering processes, or at least keep them to a minimum, thus retaining their full potential.
The reds are not fined. The whites are very gently fined with bentonite to avoid the risk of protein breakdown.
The reds are not filtered, while the whites are very slightly filtered to retain their full potential.

Weather and temperature variations may occasionally lead to the formation of a slight deposit on the bottom of the bottle. This is perfectly natural.

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