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The red wines are vinified in a fairly traditional manner, the aim being to bring out and exploit the potential of each plot. They are therefore adjusted to each grape variety and "terroir". The key factor here is daily tasting throughout the fermentation period, which can last from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the wine. Various extraction techniques are used according to the stage of vinification and the quality of the harvest: "pigeage" (punching of the cap), "remontage" (traditional pumping-over), "délestage" (removal of solids) or nitrogen stirring.

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For cask-matured wines, malolactic fermentation takes place in the barrel. The wines are then matured on the lees and will stay in the barrel until the next harvest.

The white wines are fermented after the must has been carefully racked. Part of the harvest is fermented in barrels, while the rest is fermented in temperature-controlled tanks.

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