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A.O.C Saint-Chinian

Soils: Clayey limestone (Mourvèdre, Syrah, Carignan, Grenache), Sandstone (Syrah) and Schist (Grenache) Grape varieties: Mourvèdre: 34 %, Syrah: 38 %, Grenache: 15 %, Carignan: 13 % Harvest: By hand, in crates, with sorting Harvest start date: 16 September Vinification: Traditional, with 4 to 6 weeks' fermentation time. Malolactic fermentation in the barrel Maturing: In the barrel on fine lees Treatment of the wine: Not fined, not filtered Alcoholic strength: 14 % vol. Packaging: 75 cl Bordeaux bottles

Tasting notes: The wine’s richness may be seen immediately in its intense crimson colour. Empyreumatic aromas dominate. The bouquet is very complex, with almond, thyme, blackberry and spice aromas. This aromatic richness is supported by a dense, well-rounded structure that suggests that, though it may be enjoyed now, the wine may be laid down for a number of years.

Serving suggestions: If opened young, this very rich wine should not be served too warm. 18 °C is ideal. It has the strength to served alongside highly flavoured or spicy foods, such as meat cooked in sauce, game and red meats.


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