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Vin de Pays d’Oc

Soil: Clayey limestone Grape variety: Sauvignon Harvest: By hand, in crates, with sorting Harvest start date: 8 September Vinification: Slow pressing - Racking 50 % fermented in new barrels and 50 % in barrels used for 2 wines Maturing: In barrels, on the lees with stirring Alcoholic strength: 13 % vol. Packaging: 75 cl Bordeaux bottles

Tasting notes: The bouquet is immediately rich and concentrated, with a mellow, harmonious mix of aromas: vanilla, smoke, white blossom, preserved citrus fruit and, later, almonds and hazelnuts. Great finesse and fullness on the palate, revealing lemon and dried fruit flavours, and followed by a volume and liveliness that leads on to persistent mineral notes.

Serving suggestions: This wine should be laid down in order to achieve its full expression. If it is opened young, it should be decanted to allow its aromas to develop to the full. It should develop favourably towards white blossom and mineral aromas until at least 2015. The wine’s strength means that it may be enjoyed with a wide variety of dishes or foods, such as fish cooked in sauce, whiter meats and poultry, a wide range of cheeses, foie gras or exotic dishes (curry, Asian cuisine …)


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