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Soil: Clayey limestone Grape variety: Sauvignon Harvest: By hand, in crates, with sorting Harvest start date: 12 September 2000 Vinification: Slow pressing - Racking 50 % fermented in new barrels and 50 % in barrels used for 2 wines Maturing: In barrels, on the lees with stirring Alcoholic strength: 13.5 % vol. Packaging: 75 cl Bordeaux bottles

Tasting notes: The wine has a broad-ranging bouquet mixing hints of flowers (white flowers in particular), fruit (citrus fruits, white peaches...) and toastiness, and even a touch of aniseed. The same complexity is found on the palate, along with plenty of richness, fullness and aromatic persistence.

Tasting suggestions: This wine should be laid down for some time if it is to be enjoyed at its best. It should reach its peak after about 3 to 6 years. The younger it is opened, the more air it will need. It should therefore be placed in a carafe and served cool (about 12 to 14°C) but not chilled. Rich and full, this wine is particularly suited to fish dishes cooked in sauce (such as "bourride sétoise"), white meats and many cheeses (made from scalded curds, ewes' or goats' milk cheeses such as "pélardons").


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