Grape Varieties

Along with the diversity of soils and microclimates, the many different grape varieties planted at La Madura mean that the wines produced for blending have a very wide range of aromas and flavours.


Planted in schistous or clayey-limestone soils, Grenache produces typical, heady aromas, adding richness and character to the wines. On schistous soils it produces particularly powerful aromas and has a high sugar content, but is not very highly coloured. It has a more traditional, structured expression on clayey-limestone soils.


Syrah is planted on clayey-limestone, sandstone and, more recently, schistous soils. On the estate, it gives the wines density, colour, elegance, fruit and complexity.


Mourvèdre is also planted on clayey-limestone and sandstone soils, which it particularly likes as they provide it with a steady supply of the water it needs to achieve a good level of ripeness. On the estate it produces rich, elegant wines of great typicity, with dark fruit and spice aromas.



Carignan comes from the oldest vines on the estate. It produces wines with an elegant structure and typical spicy, peppery aromas.

Piquepoul blanc

Sauvignon blanc is planted on a fairly cool, high plot of clayey-limestone soils and produces rich, well-balanced wines. The grapes ripen quite slowly on this "terroir", retaining their aromatic freshness and acidity to give a good expression of the grape variety.







Piquepoul Blanc, planted on a parcel of schists, which is original. It adds a more local note to the white blend, but remains within the style in terms of both the aromas and the balance with the Sauvignon. It is grown to obtain moderate yields and adds fresh, elegant aromas, a pleasing structure and lingering freshness.