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Domaine La Madura Saint-Chignan

VINEYARD certified organic farming and HIGH ENVIRONMENTAL VALUE

Domaine LA MADURA is a small wine estate in the SAINT-CHINIAN appellation that has something of a patchwork quality due to the great diversity of its soils, grape varieties, altitude and microclimates. It is this diversity that is one of the estate's great assets.
Nadia and Cyril BOURGNE were convinced of the high quality of the Domaine terroirs and left Bordeaux in 1999 to come and exploit their potential.

In 2015, a new page is turned with the construction of a building created by architects Passelac et Roques.



Domaine La Madura is broken up into a series of small plots, which is typical of the estates in the Languedoc hinterland, where the region's best "terroirs" are to be found.

What makes it so distinctive is that it’s made up of a number of blocks of vineyards planted on very varied soils (shists, sandstone and clayey limestone) typical of the Saint-Chinian appellation: it’s a real patchwork. They are fascinating for the great variety of "terroirs", i.e. combinations of soil types, grape varieties and microclimates.
The landscape, too, plays a crucial role. Altitude varies considerably from one plot to another (150 to 300 metres), which means that the harvest can be spread out; the grapes are picked at peak ripeness and in less of a hurry.

This variety is one of the estate's key assets, producing a wide range of wines whose complementary qualities are used to make some very interesting blends.


The vines are worked with a constant concern to care for and improve the environment by building in the various related parameters. As a result of this approach we have been awarded High Environmental Value and Organic Farming certification (HVE and AB in French).

For further details, see the chapter on The Vineyards, Training and Growing.

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