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2011 Vintage

A generally, warm, dry climate (in the Languedoc), producing very harmonious wines After a very mild start to the winter, December, late January and early February were particularly cold. March was extremely wet, which meant that there was plenty of water in the soil when the season started.

High temperatures and dry weather in April and May gave the vines a good growth spurt, and flowering took place 14 days earlier than the average. July and early August were cooler than usual, which slowed the development of the vines so that growth dropped back to only around 5 days in advance of the average. On the other hand, late August and the whole of September were hot, but a few light showers during the summer meant that the vines did not suffer. Temperatures during the growth period were 1°C above average, with a rainfall deficit. Fortunately, the reserves built up during the March rains allowed the growth cycle to continue without difficulty. As a result, the harvest went very smoothly, although temperatures equivalent to those expected in August meant that we had to rearrange the pickers’ working hours out of concern for their physical condition and also to be able to bring the grapes back to the cellars in reasonable temperatures. After two years of very low production, yields this year were more normal. For us, the average yield for all grape varieties is approximately 32 hl/ha. Our early tastings have already given us a good impression of the vintage. The wines all have a delightful freshness. The whites have plenty of density and volume, with elegant aromas that are already mellow. This should be confirmed with the arrival of winter. As for the reds, the structure is already very smooth, combined with a high degree of concentration. The aromas also reflect considerable maturity, with a dominance of dark berries and spices. Here too, these first impressions should be confirmed with a little more time. In short, the 2011 vintage currently appears to be very harmonious and promising.

Saint-Chinian, 3 november 2011 


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